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What Are All These Cups, Shields, and Trophies. A Noob Story

By John Clayton

It can be a bit confusing and intimidating with all these separate competitions going on at the same time. In the MLS alone, there are 5 different titles,

1) The MLS cup (going to the winner of the end of season tournament),

2) The Supporter Shield (for the best regular season record),

3) The new Leagues Cup (for the winner of the mid-season MX Liga vs MLS series),

4) US Open Cup a competition amongst all US clubs, amateur and professional

5) Voyageurs Cup to the best Canadian professional clubs

Each of these winners also take part in the CONCACAF Champions League. The league pits club teams from North America, Central America, and Caribbean leagues, which ends with another cup. The winner of that advances to the FIFA Club Cup, meaning an MLS cup could compete in 6 different cups!

Add to that the International competitions, which add several additional cups: such as the CONCACAF Nations League, FIFA World Cup to name a few. So a player in theory, could compete in his or her club cups, and also their national team.

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