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Boom Goes The Dynamite

By: Sean Connolly

Orlando, FL Feb 16

The USWNT was ready at the start and did not disappoint throughout. What questions were definitively answered after last night – at least according to Southern Pitch!

Will The USWNT be able to start quick or would they sit back and let the game come to them?

The USWNT immediately went on offense and played an attacking style of soccer that was refreshing to see. Additionally, US immediately applied pressure on Canada and eliminated Canada’s ability to begin to set up any attack. Even when Canada tried to start an attack from the back it was stopped immediately due to a very impressive high press defensive strategy that worked out well and often resulted in US regaining possession. The only true shot on goal in the first half by Canada was when the US lacked focus and attempted a pass across the middle of the field. This was immediately intercepted by Canada and required a great save by Naeher.

Will the USWNT find the right balance for offense, between more experienced players and the youth coming up behind them?

Yes! Rodman and Swanson played excellent games. Swanson’s first goal was a thing of beauty set up by Morgan playing a ball to the top of the box. None of that could have happened without Rodman taking on her defender and then passing into the box for Morgan’s pass to Swanson. Additionally, Morgan had several great runs off the ball that opened areas for Swanson and others. Swanson’s first goal was reminiscent of the decades-old phrase, “Boom Goes the Dynamite”. The offense had multiple chances to increase the lead against the No. 6 ranked Canada. This was a match that suggests the USWNT is shaping up to be the No. 1 world ranking they are. Way to Go USWNT!!!

Is the Midfield Ready to Dominate the Game?

A resounding YES!!! What an incredible strategy to place Sullivan at middle and Horan next to her. The two played well together and if defensive help was needed Horan was there to assist. Additionally, it was the first time I’ve seen Sullivan deliver soul-crushing tackles to ensure a Canadian advantage was stopped before it started. Her ability to distribute the ball has not been in question and NOW Southern Pitch has very little doubt about her ability to play aggressive defense when called upon. And…having Horan next to her was a huge plus!!! Well Done COACHING Staff!!!

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