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Funnel Cake Fries or Waffle Sticks? Why Choose

Cathleen Cleary - Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is for football fans! while CLT FC faced off in the quarter finals of the Leagues Cup on Friday night in Miami, there were two other pitches in use on the weekend of August 12 & 13. The Charlotte Independence of USL League One and the Crown Legacy of the MLS Next Pro league. This is the proverbial perfect storm for a soccer fan! With both teams winning on the weekend and both teams at or near the top of their respective tables, which one is the best fan experience?

So let's run down our checklist to see:

Tailgating - check and check! both locations, American Legion Memorial Stadium and the Mecklenburg County Sportsplex have space for you and your fellow supporters of the beautiful game to meet before kickoff and discuss why we call it soccer,

Beverages - The Jacks have partnered with Eleven Lake Brewing for their signature Yellow Card Pineapple & Mango Seltzer while the Crown leaned into the brunch theme for some Mimosas.

Food - Want a hot dog? sure its a sporting event, of course there are dogs and nachos... The Independence featured Funnel Cake Fries

while the Legacy partnered with Waffle Snacks World for, well, you can probably guess, waffles on a stick!

So who wins? Like both scoreboards read at the end... Soccer fans of Charlotte win!

And what do you do with the time between matches? Charlotte has a great nightlife, but we can discuss that another time!

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