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It's "Friendlies" and International Season Y'All

By John Clayton

The summer has a full calendar of friendlies featuring our European friends, as well as some big International matches. These are highlighted by The USWNT in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, AND The USMNT's pursuit of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

First off, let's talk about why some matches are called "Friendlies". A Friendly in Soccer is when teams meet when the result of the match does not impact any league or competition. It is just a one-off head-to-head match. Some friendlies are more friendly than others. But often friendlies are used to try out new players, new formations, or tactics.

OK so why do we care about friendlies? While we here at Southern Pitch absolutely love the play we get from our domestic leagues (of course we are biased to the southern squads), but we appreciate the beautiful as played everywhere!

So, lets get to the nitty gritty - who's playing, and where can we see them?

I'll keep it to what we can see in our southern cities, but there are additional matches throughout the rest of the US. This list also includes matches between Liga MX and MLS teams as part of the new Leagues Cup.

June 25 - Trinidad &Tobago v Saint Kitts & Nevis (Gold Cup) - Ft Lauderdale 3:30pm

June 26 - El Salvador v Martinique (Gold Cup) - Ft Lauderdale 6:30pm

June 26 Costa Rica v Panama (Gold Cup) - Ft Lauderdale 8:30pm

June 27 Guatemala v Cuba (Gold Cup) - Ft Lauderdale 8:45pm

July 2 USA v Trinidad & Tobago (Gold Cup) - Charlotte 7pm

July 2 Honduras v Haiti (Gold Cup) - Charlotte 9pm

July 8 - Millonarios v Atletico Nacional (Both Colombian Sides) - Ft Lauderdale 7:30pm

July 19 - Chelsea (English Premier League) v Wrexham AFC (yes, that Wrexham of the English League 2) (both English Sides) - Chaper Hill 7pm

July 21 - North Carolina FC (USL1) v Sunderland (English Championship League) - Raleigh, NC 7pm

July 21 - Cruz Azul (Liga MX) v Miami (MLS) Leagues Cup - Ft Lauderdale 8pm

July 21 - USA v Vietnam (Women's World Cup) 9pm (on FS1)

July 26 - Brentford v Brighton (both English Premier League) - Atlanta 5:30pm

July 26 - Fulham v Aston Villa (both English Premier League) - Orlando 7pm

July 26 - Chelsea v Newcastle (both English Premier League) - Atlanta 8:15pm

July 26 - USA v Netherlands (Women's World Cup) 9pm (on FS1)

July 27 - Nashville SC (MLS) v Toluca (Liga MX) Leagues Cup - Nashville 9:30pm

July 29 - Necaxa (Liga MX) v CLT FC (MLS) Leagues Cup - Charlotte 7:30pm

July 29 - Cruz Azul (Liga MX) v ATL United (MLS) Leagues Cup 8:30pm

August 1 - USA v Portugal (Women's World Cup) 3am (on FS1)

August 2 - Juventus (Italian Serie A) v Real Madrid (Spanish La Liga) - Orlando

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