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Orlando: Soccer Town with a Theme Park Problem

When you think of Orlando, your mind probably drifts to the enchanting world of theme parks, magical castles, and thrilling roller coasters. And while Orlando may indeed be a theme park paradise, there's a hidden gem within this vibrant city that you might have overlooked – it's a fantastic town for soccer!

In fact, Orlando stands out as one one of just eight cities in the United States to boast both an MLS team and an NWSL team. But that's not all; the soccer fever here extends to NISA professional Club de Lyon, as well as some top-level college programs in the area. Orlando is undoubtedly a soccer haven, and it's a passion that's quickly catching on.

But why Orlando, you ask? Well, aside from the renowned theme parks (and believe us, they're a blast), there's something about the soccer scene in this city that's worth exploring. As fans, we have our reasons for making Orlando a must-visit for any soccer enthusiast.

Soccer Galore: MLS, NWSL, and More

Orlando has a soccer pedigree that's hard to match. With an MLS team and an NWSL team, it's a place where you can witness world-class soccer action up close. Whether you're a fan of the Orlando City SC or the Orlando Pride, there's no shortage of matches and thrilling moments to enjoy. Plus, with the addition of NISA professional Club de Lyon, you can catch even more exciting soccer action.

Collegiate Excellence:

The soccer enthusiasm doesn't stop at the professional level. Orlando is home to top-level college soccer programs, giving you a chance to see rising talents showcase their skills. The city's college soccer scene is vibrant, with promising athletes and intense rivalries that make for fantastic viewing.

National Recognition:

The love for soccer in Orlando hasn't gone unnoticed. The US National Teams have added Orlando to their fixtures this year, solidifying the city's reputation as a soccer hub. It's a testament to the passion and energy that Orlando brings to the sport.

The Church Street Station Hub:

Now, let's talk about the heart of the soccer scene in Orlando – Church Street Station. This vibrant area is the place to be for any pre-match warm-up, where fans from all walks of soccer life come together to celebrate their love for the game. Whether you're looking for a cold draft (and believe us, they're available at almost every other doorway) or some delicious grub to fuel your spirit, you'll find it here.

Church Street Station is a melting pot of flavors. From Greek to Italian, Irish to Mexican, Indian, and everything in between, you can embark on a culinary journey right here. Plus, there are plenty of TVs to catch up on the rest of the soccer world. It's the perfect blend of pre-match excitement and delicious dining, making it an essential part of your Orlando soccer adventure.

Leave the Car Behind:

Don't want to deal with parking hassles? No worries. The Church Street area is easily accessible via SunRail, allowing you to leave your car behind, whether you're coming from home or taking a break from the theme parks. It's a convenient way to enjoy the soccer festivities without the stress of parking.

So, why Orlando? Well, beyond the enchantment of theme parks (which are undeniably fun), Orlando is a soccer town with a whole lot of heart. It's a city where soccer fans can come together, celebrate their passion, and enjoy top-level matches. Whether you're a seasoned supporter or a newcomer to the world of soccer, Orlando has something special to offer. Come for the theme parks, but stay for the soccer – because in Orlando, there's magic both on and off the pitch.

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