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The Mysteries Of The Pyramid (A Noob Story)

by John Clayton

What is this “Soccer Pyramid” I keep hearing about?

It is not a some ancient soccer e

It is a reference to the various leagues from adult amateur all the way up to top professional teams. The US Soccer federation sets the criteria for each tier of the pyramid, and assigns leagues into the appropriate level.

Why is it called a pyramid? Typically the lower the tier, the more teams are competing, so visually, it looks like a pyramid.

How many tiers are there? Depends on the country. In England (a very soccer fanatical nation) has 7 professional steps in their pyramid and at least 4 more in their semi-pro/amateur levels for a total of 11. In the US, we have 3 steps in the professional and just one for the remaining semi-pro/amateur leagues. This hold for both the men as well as women leagues

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